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Last weekend my sister who is married was taking a personality test for a couples group she’s on & they were given 20 strengths & 20 weaknesses with words to describe each, the meaning of each word plus context was provided, the next thing I heard her say was ” Udemeobong, I’ve found your own” referring to a weakness that describes me, I asked “which one” she said “Impatient, a person that finds it hard to endure irritation or wait patiently” I was lowkey hurt lol but

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later on thinking about it I realized that she was right, so many scenerios popped into my head, like when people take a long time to get to the point, when you ask me to do something and as I’m about to do it, you change your mind, when people in front of me walking on the road don’t walk fast enough, when I’m asked to wait indefinitely etc I’m sure you get the point.

It occured to me that saturday afternoon that eventhough how we view ourselves is important, our brand is really how others percieve or view us, for example you may think you’re confident but people might see through your actions that you’re battling insecurities and conclude that you’re insecure.

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So what is the solution you ask? I think being aware, recognizing and accepting your weaknesses is the first step, taking charge of your story is second as this is one way to control how people view you, lastly working to improve is most important. I’m a big advocate of people trying to better themselves, excuses don’t change the truth of your weaknesses, working on them and trusting that God’s grace is sufficient is the key to change and that is the story of my life, always working to improve myself. Can you relate?

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