The Kind of Man I hope to Meet


The kind of man I hope to meet must be interesting, different, special and maybe a little broken people because usually, they have the best stories. That shouldn’t be surprising considering that I am the gist expert around here. It should not come as a surprise that the kind of man I hope to meet is not the kind of man you’d imagine me hoping to meet. I aim above the skies my darling.

The Gist

This man is special in every sense of the word. He is fierce, loud, exciting, a tad scary but my goodness interesting.

I wonder what kind of son he is, are his parents proud, does his mother pray for him in tears or blessing the good Lord for him.

Is he the best brother his siblings would ever wish for, is there a fondness betwixt them, what kind of dad is he, a doting father or the kind that makes his kids lock themselves away when he is around. Will he be compassionate with his kids?

I wonder what kind of husband he will be, will he hurt his wife the way he hurts others, is he patient?

Does he practice tough love, I wonder if he can be soft with his word.

I see him at his worst or so I think and I wonder is this how he is when he retreats to his home?

Does he cry, feel ashamed, any regrets from the day’s work?

I wonder if he will only be a figure of authority, but what about an example of love.

Does he possibly fear God or anybody

What are his deepest thoughts and desires, will it be fulfilled, will he live long?

Does he desire a better life and if he does, will he not miss the old days.

Can he be faithful?

Is he ignorant, easily manipulated, or is that wisdom that peaks out in vernacular

All this and more I wonder when I see this man we all know as an AGBERO or TOUT on the road fighting, insulting, and struggling as we all are to live.


What man did you think I would be hoping to meet.

Do you also wonder what kind of man an Agbero is when he isn’t doing his job?

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