Is 25 A Milestone | Why I’m No Longer Hiding My Age

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Yes I clocked 25 years old on the 15th of March and I’m no longer hiding my age, I decided that I’ll try to make my life as simple/uncomplicated as possible from this year on, so one way I’m doing that is telling people my age when they ask. It sounds like a no brainer right? But it really isn’t, for a long time or as long as I know, telling people my age has been such a hard thing to do not because I’m ashamed but for a couple reasons

  • The story of “I’m not her/his mate talk” is a major petpeeve for me, so if you don’t know my age that should solve that problem right, oh no!! They proceed to judge based off of physical attributes ugh!
  • Society’s conditioning puts so much pressure on people based on their age e.g you should be married by now (very common), he’s 60 and doesn’t have his own house? (Semi-popular), he’s 35 and still living with his parents? What a shame etc etc
  • I just like keeping people guessing (mischievous grin) but now I’m no longer hiding my age.

Before I continue comment below if you still keep your age a secret and why?


Well turning 25 feels pivotal to me for so many personal reasons one of them being that it’s “25” a common age to celebrate lol jk jk. I know that having lived for 25ish years on earth I’ve learned a couple things that I want to share with you but what’s better than one head= 2 heads! So I asked my friend Favour Agbamauche who just clocked 25 as well to join me in dishing out some of these lessons on my YouTube channel, click to watch the full video.

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There was a lot of stories, banter and of course laughter in that video. I hope you takeaway a thing or two from the video, don’t forget to leave a comment telling us a lesson you’ve learned and subscribe to my channel. Lots of love from the depth of my heart. Talk soon!


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