FEAR- An Overused but Underused Word

What Do I Mean?

Fear….honestly I would stop at the title, but not everyone is me and some people might want an explanation.

The word fear is overused because it’s 2020 and it is one of the most used words after “pandemic”. You’ve probably heard things like, fear is not the answer, face your fears, my fear for the country is.., I am afraid of…etc. Everyone from OAPS, Pastors, Motivational speakers, newscasters, presidents, and their mums have all used this word at one time or another.


It is underused because how can it not be. There is so much to fear, from missing eternity, police brutality, oppression, gas finishing while you are cooking beans, poverty, useless taxes, the future, and unfulfillment. I could go on and on, but I believe there is a valid reason for fear.

The Gist

When I get scared, I sweat, run and everything/everyone is a suspect.

  • One of my biggest fears; SNAKES yeah yeah it may seem shallow, I regret the night I and my sisters stayed up to watch anaconda. ugh!
  • Something that scares me a little: Commitments
  • Some fears I can’t understand: Bodies of water

Some of you will think, wow! she’s scared of that, while others will nod their heads in agreement.

The moral of the gist is; do not invalidate people’s fears either because you think it is a way of encouraging them, this could come off as dismissive. Always remember what you fear is nothing to someone else and viceversa.

Your Turn

Since we’re friends here,

  1. tell me one of your biggest fears,
  2. something you fear a little
  3. something that you think is ridiculous to fear.

I look forward to reading your comments or just say hi so I know you came by.

You might be thinking wow this is serious stuff. I also gist about basic stuff too like when I was an assistant nursing mother.


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