Bonus Episode: Reflecting on 2020

Udeme Asian here, host & producer of All The Things We See Podcast.

The idea behind All The Things We See Podcast was to tell stories that were true, inspiring and relatable like this, no matter how short or how long.

This has been done but perfectionism and the need to be validated by people has made me want to aim for more & in the process I’ve procrastinated, hence why there has been no episode of the podcast forĀ  about 3 weeks now.

It is not for lack of inspiration or stories but me finding issues with everything, well all that is over! I’m back and here to stay so get your headphones ready and subscribe to the podcast on any of your favorite podcast apps, we’re everywhere. New episodes every Monday. You can listen to today’s episode here.


There’s a new segment on the podcast and I’m calling it “Quote of The Week”, every week I’ll drop a quote that will make you think, laugh or inspire you.

If you have a quote you’d want featured in this segment with credit to you, drop it in the comments and I’ll pick one each week.

This weeks quote is one that I expanded on in this video on my YouTube channel recently if you’d like an explanation.

Meanwhile if you would like to be on the podcast, having an entire episode to yourself or half of it, send an email to

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