All The Things I’m Loving: Quarantine Edition



There’s a growing need to keep fit during this quarantine, if you don’t want to look like the triple version of yourself. I’m using the Nike training club app for working out.

I enjoy the app mostly because of the plan section where you can create your own customized workout routines, you’ll be asked some questions like your weight, height, availability of equipment or lack hereof, everything is taken into consideration including your workout out duration if any. I especially look forward to the achievements you get after each workout. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable if you post to social media.


I’m currently reading Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren as an eBook

The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer hardcopy, yes there’s a difference between ebooks & hardcopy books.


Graphic of 5 entertaining podcasts

I’ve been drinking podcasts this period, I can’t count how many I’ve listened to but I put up 5 of my favorite entertaining & uplifting ones on my Instagram.


I’m just grateful to have something to eat, a lot of people are starving during this period but moi moi & pap has been a hit back to back, of course bread and groundnut is an essential snack this quarantine period, low budget right? But I’m still craving sharwama & it suddenly feels like everywhere I look people are eating sharwama or is it my mind?

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Tell me what you’re currently loving in this quarantine period.


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