10 Reasons Why I Want to Live Alone: A Picture Story


I want to live alone, I’m tired of living with people! That has been my heart’s cry since 2011, I know, I know, 9 years later and it hasn’t happened full yet, it has happened for brief periods during NYSC, everything that happens to me is for a specific purpose, the lessons I’ve learned living with people, family members and outsiders have taught me, codependency (which is not always a terrible thing), being sensitive to other people, reducing my voice when I’m on a call, tolerance & conflict resolution, So thank God for that!


The reasons I want to live alone other than my need for solitude, privacy. Independency and others can be seen as petty to a lot of people but I’ll walk you through them with pictures.

1. A Personal Library

Wooden library with ladder

One of the major reasons I want to live alone so desperately. My books have no home, they are scattered home and abroad in homes of friends, family & whoever I’ve lived with. I want to see the collection I’ve amassed & have more books so I never lack what to read.

2. A Green Reading Chair or Couch

Green reading chair and couch

Yass I’m a big fan of homes that are painted in neutral colours but if I want a pop of colour; this would definitely be it. I love the contrast of this shade of green in black and white homes, yes this is a must.

3. Non-stick Pan

Who else is tired of burnt pans? (hard to wash by the way). I want be able to make stir fry pasta and not stir burnt pasta, see the difference? I mean just admire the way the egg is gliding around in the pan in that picture above. A dream!

4. Wine glass


Stir fry pasta with a glass of something coloured in a wine glass is so photographic, love & if you decide to have friends over, oh what joy!

5. Matching/coloured Dishes.

Sticking with kitchen ware, isn’t this such a beauty? Take your pick, this is another excellent reason to want to live alone. Imagine having brunch with friends with your beautiful dish sets.

6. Full Length Mirror

I’ve endured my fair share of using broken mirrors, whether they be mounted on walls broken by a cousin who taught it would be cool to use it for karate practice or a handheld one that you can only view your shoulder & head with. I’m done *dusts hands* I’m not a very vain person but being able to glimpse how I look once in a while would be great.

7. Clothes Rack

I’m not a pick an outfit overnight type of girl! I’m a see a your options & pick an outfit the morning of work type of girl, it might be laziness but let’s say I like to feel the vibe each day and go for what I feel.

8. A Work space


No matter how small, I’m not asking for a whole room for an office yet lol, just a small section where I can sit & work on my laptop, use as a YouTube video background*subscribe to my channel here*, or just work on my social media content. I’m I asking for too much?

9. I want to know what it feels like to come back to my own home, turn the key & take care of myself.

10. I want to be quiet when I wanna without anybody feeling like there is a problem, you know?

Question: Do you live alone, if YES how do you like it, if NO do you wanna?

If you want to have an idea of what my space will look like, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it, click here to see it.

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