Our Wedding: Video Trailer

We were all set to share some wedding photos today, but we woke up this morning to a pretty wonderful surprise…a sneak peak at our wedding video. We have already watched it several times together, reliving quite easily the best day of our lives.  We could not be happier with it.  Hope our family & friends enjoy it as much as we do.  Thank you Silverfox for another amazing piece of work and thank you to everyone who shared the day with us, for making this video so much fun to watch!

Rehearsal Dinner

RehearsalDinner01RehearsalDinner05RehearsalDinner06RehearsalDinner04RehearsalDinner03RehearsalDinnerWe really can’t believe it is already May!  Where did the time go?! The wedding has passed and we don’ t know what to do with ourselves now.  We used to come home from work every day and run to an appointment or a store, all in preparation for the wedding.  It’s a funny feeling to just be able to come home to one another and relax.  In the end, we couldn’t have been happier with the way things turned out on our wedding day and could go on and on about it, but for now let’s concentrate on all the exciting days leading up to it all.

The Thursday before our “big day” we had our rehearsal at St. Dominic Chapel.  It was so great to see so many of our family members, especially those who flew in from out of state for us.  We practiced the processional, took some photos, and had a lot of laughs.  For months we had been planning, but this was the most important part…this was where we would be reciting our vows in two days.  It was surreal to look around the chapel and see our family and friends preparing for what would be the most important day in our lives.  It was so special.  Afterwards, we wrapped up the night with dinner at Basil Leaf Cafe (where we went for Valentine’s Day this year). It was the perfect prelude to an even more wonderful day.

To be alone with you.

It’s been absolutely hectic lately.  No other way to put it.  Every once in a while we try to take a day to just unwind and walk around the park together.  It always reminds us to keep it simple and just be in love.

Almost There!

When we first got engaged, we had a vision of what our wedding day would be like.  We spoke about how we wanted the room to look, what our first dance would be to, and how to incorporate our style into every detail.  While it has been extremely challenging to make this work, it is so gratifying to finally see it coming together.  We have spent the last month meeting with our vendors and making sure we are all on the same page.  We are going over what kind of pictures we are going to take, where we are going to put all the vintage items we have been collecting for over a year now, and trying to predict which one of us is going to shed a tear first.  We are so happy to be able to share this with our families, and so lucky to have each other during this really exciting time in our lives.

iPhone Photography

MarchiPhoneMarchiPhone2MarchiPhone6MarchiPhone4MarchiPhone5MarchiPhone7MarchiPhone3Here are a few photos we’ve snapped lately. Follow along on instagram: allthethingswesee.

A Taste of Home

One of the best things about planning a wedding is getting to taste all the delicious food.  There are so many little details that make up a wedding, so it was refreshing to see “cake tasting” on our most recent to-do list.    What was also really nice was that the bakery that is affiliated with our wedding venue is a local, family owned bakery.  From the beginning, it’s always been important to us to make sure that our wedding night is (from top to bottom) a reflection of us, so when we can find local vendors to be a part of our big day, it really is a win-win.

With very little knowledge of what a cake tasting actually entailed, we weren’t sure what was going to happen when we got there.  We were given two plates with several toppings, fondant choices and every filling from cookies-and-cream to cannoli cream.  It was a fun little outing, joking around and putting together different “mini-cakes” until we found something that made us both really happy.  Without spoiling anything for those who will be at the wedding, we chose a simple, yet extremely tasty cake.  Every weekend has been filled with a different appointment for the wedding, but we know these are times we are going to look back on and cherish.

Love you all the time.

ValentinesDay2ValentinesDay1ValentinesDay3ValentinesDay5ValentinesDay6ValentinesDay7ValentinesDay4Valentine’s Day (for us) has always consisted of flowers, take-out, and cuddling up to our favorite movies.  We knew this year would be the last Valentine’s Day together before we become husband and wife, so we decided to switch things up.  We drove the dark, winding roads up to Locust Valley, and had a candle lit dinner at a beautiful, Italian cafè.  It was wonderful to just talk, laugh, and take some pictures together.

Blizzard of `13

blizzardWith all the snow from the blizzard, we were convinced we would stay cuddled up inside all weekend.  Our wedding “to do” list is slowly shrinking, but there are still some very important things that have been laying heavy on our shoulders.  To our surprise, we were able to make it out of the house on Saturday and Sunday and accomplished a lot.  Here are some photos from our pretty productive weekend.

Getting ready to shovel some snow!
blizzard4We packed all the wedding invitations…
…and actually made it to the post office in time to mail them all!
Passed by this beautiful snow sculpture…perfect for Valentine’s Day this week!
Somehow we even managed to order the favors and finalize the limos for the big day.

Little by little, we are doing some serious damage to our wedding checklist.  It seems that it took us almost our entire engagement to figure out the best way to go about planning a wedding.  We initially thought that we needed to get everything done at once, but after some time we have realized that the best recipe for success is to just chip away at our list until everything is complete.  We are almost there!

Aunt & Uncle!

Congratulations Marilyn and Kevin! We’re so lucky to be aunt and uncle to this cute little guy. Welcome to the family, baby Cody!

iPhone Photography

….some photos we’ve snapped lately. Follow us on instagram!